Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Is it just me or do these things look like something out of the medival eria. They look like large torture devices and are just dang scary! Ok getting serious now, there are two types of Fiber Pickers or The Bench Picker or The Swing Picker
The Bench Picker is designed with 424 stainless points that is adjustable. You can pick a bag of fleece in 10 minutes. You feed the fiber in an opening area on one end of the picker and then you start to slide the top part to operate the picker. Thus allowing the fleece to be opened up and passed out the other end of the picker.
Now the Swing Picker, is designed with 334 straight stainless steel points. You feed the fleece into a feed tray and then swing the picker back and fourth to open up and pick the fleece. They are both adjustable and from what I am researching do the same job. What is the benefits of each one. Which one works best for what I'm planning on doing with it. Where do I turn, am I going to get mulitple advice or opinions. This is where you just want to freak out!!!!!

From what I saw on You tube, each one of these pickers did a fine job. They operate the same, they just look different. One has more points than the other. My other questions would be, do you have to have a picker. Can you use another tool like Wool Combs to do the job.

If you haven''t had the pleasure of seeing wool combs, they remind me
of the movie " X-MEN.That had the actor Hugh Jackman, who played
" Wolverine".

Here are WOOL COMBS...

Don't they look like Wolverine's claws. So do these do the same job
as Wool Pickers. Well, I will post more about this topic when the
research is done. It will be interesting to me what other views are on this topic.

Whatever you decide, Choose your Wool Picker Weapon and Lets Get Fiber Pickin!!!!!!

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