Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Creative to Market your Fiber Products!!!!!!

Times are definitely changing and the tides are already turning.... In these difficult times in order to be successful, we have to come up with creative ways to market our yarn products.
Ebay was the it thing, not anymore. More folks are coming up with ways to market their products faster and better than before. Etsy, Ravelry and more have sprouted up.... Remember that old saying, " If it ain't broke, don't fix it". That is true, but in this day in age... Folks are steering away from the same old same old. They want something unique and different. Something that says " Hey, Look at me". They want products that says how they feel without having to say anything to anyone.... So do some homework for yourself. Look at the products that you are marketing. How many of those items have you sold?. Do you find them flying of the shelves?. If they haven't moved and collecting dust per say, then time to restructure your business plan. That is where getting creative comes from. In this day everyone is trying to come up with creative ways to make an income, to of course sell their products.... If you are into yarn, felting, knitting or crocheting or any other fiber art. Sit down and think of ways that you can make those better. The folks that step out of the box and go in a different direction are the one's that will be successful in the long run. Now it might not happen right away, it only takes a few folks to turn your products into big ticket items. Reason for this post is, I am so terribly guilty of taking the same direction of everyone else. I needed to reevaluate my business and take a different approach. It's a risk to do so, it was either fold up or stick this out. So I'm taking on this challenge and I am already excited how it's ending up. It is starting to take me and my business places. Will keep you all updated on this new journey I'm embarking on... Blessings and Get Creative Folks!!!!!!

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