Friday, June 3, 2011

Life On the Farm.

Hello Crafty Fiber Folks,
I haven't blogged in a few months, life on the farm has kept us very busy. I will be posting new and exciting things on the my blog about Alpaca Farming, Fiber Processing, New things that I'm working on and much much more. So check out the new videos that will be popping up on our blog and sit back have a snack and enjoy.

I am in the process of uploading new videos. You can also check my youtube channel. For more exciting videos and Fiber Tutorials.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunshine State Fiber Arts Guild

Wow, What a hit, our guild was a smoking hot environment with Spinning Wheels, Drop Spindles, Knitters, Crochet going on. It was awesome, what else was super cool was we had a few awesome demonstrators this time. We had Steve showing us his amazing 200 year old walking wheel and weasel. What an incredible experience it was to look at this machine work. It gives you great respect for our ancestors who had to make yarn in this manner. Steve gave everyone, the opportunity to work the wheel. Thank you Steve for enlighting us with this awesome demonstration.

Then we had Reene, a talented artist do a needle felting demonstration. She is so talented and did such a fabulous job showcasing her work and it was a honor to watch her. Renee has alpacas and teaches a variety of classes at her studio in Spring Hill. Check her out

I look forward to our next guild meeting, it will be a hoot to see everyone again. I am very excited to learn navajo plying. Eileen will show us how at the guild. Thank you to all that came to the guild, without you our guild wouldn't be what it is today.

Many Blessings always,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Craft Challenge is Here!!!!!!

Oh My Gosh, Just got my shipment today and I'm so excited. I am frothing at the mouth to get started!!!!!!

I've missed the last challenges and was so bummed. So this time, I am participating.
My dear friend, Pat Riesenburger with Aussie Threads & Fibers put together this fantastic challenge. The Felted Crystal Cuff.

Folks get the opportunity to let their creative side run wild, and then once finished with the project. Submit for judging.

So, I will embark on this crafty endeavor starting tomorrow and will be posting pictures up along the way.

Blessings, Kim

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woodland Yarns Are Here!!!!!!

Whoo-hoo. I finally have taken that big step and started with my own yarn brand. I am so excited. My yarns are beautiful and everyone is in love with them. We offer so many blends and I just can't wait to see our new palette and new combinations that we are creating.

We are doing some really cool blends as well. 100% alpaca, alpaca merino blends, angora blends, silk blends, bamboo blends, and much more. Also plenty of weights to please everyone.

So excited!!!!! My Dreams are coming true...

One Day At A Time

Well haven't blogged in a while, and first and foremost, need to say that I am looking forward to this new year. Our family had a rough 2010 year. My father was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carinoma in December 2009. Sadly after a long year of battling the disease, he passed on December 28th, 2010. I must say that it left me sad, angry, confused, and many other states of mind that I just could not explain to myself or to my family. It isn't easy no matter what, but it left me feeling so alone and scared. After all of this that has happened, I had to pick myself up move forward, and take one day at a time. My father would be saying, Quit that cryin and move on gurl. I do know that my father is in such a better place, no more suffering, no more of laying in that bed unable to move. Now he isn't in pain, his spirit can go anywhere he wants to go and do anything now. I know he is watching over me and my family. I LOVE YOU DAD!