Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Get Creative Marketing your Fiber Products

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Marketing your fiber products has never been easier. We have so many avenues at our fingertips. Ravelry, Etsy, Blogs, Ebay, and much much more. You have to think outside of the box and do things so different and unique to add flare to your products.

If you stay in the same pattern doing things exactly like everyone else. A. Your product will stay stagnant and B. Will not sell well. Come up with ways to make a logo for yourself that stands out. Everything has to be a WOW factor. Another thing is to become your own graphic artist, make your own website, flyer's, business cards. Have these on hand every where you go.

Get involved with local guilds, these are a great way to market your products. Some of these guilds meet monthly and surely there will be a number of these in your area or even if they aren't and you have to drive a hour. It only takes one person to change the dynamics of your business. Word of mouth is so much stronger than ever.

My business has grown just for that reason. Also sell yourself, get excited about your products. You stand behind your business, if you are not excited then you can't get folks excited for you. Be well manicured, if you have an image of a yeti, do you think folks are going to give you their time. Heck no. They will turn the other way and not think twice. No matter how awesome your product is. First impression is the KEY!!!!!

Also be personable, be charming even if your dog tired. Be the best you can be for your business. People will remember that. Treat every customer like they are your first customer. Make them feel that they are the most important being at that moment and every time they contact you. If you make folks feel like you don't have the time to help them. Then they will walk away and go to someone that will spend time with them.

I know its hard to be great at multitasking, but the biggest successful folks are, and you can to, just manage your time well. Also attend farmers markets in your area, this is a great way to sell your products. Hit up the small mom and pop craft stores, yarn stores or unique boutiques and offer to purchase a small space from them and you will market your products from those areas. Awesome right, it works.... TRUST ME!

Well, I hope this helps in your business and marketing venues. Be The Best, Look the Best and Market well and your business will soar to new levels....

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